Thursday 28th March

Remember guys, no texts…..( you really are just wasting your time!)

Call 07522 852459

Gorgeous Gabriel today, our Mediterranean princess!

Shes very pretty, sexy, sultry, slim yet curvy, 31 years old

heres a peek! 💋


Tuesday 19th March

Exciting times ahead guys!

A few new ladies to Folkestone will be joining our happy little house very soon – I dont have any definite details right now, but bear with me!

Watch this space! I will post here as soon as I have more news for you


So a new start needs new ladies!

Anyone interested, please call Beth on 07522 852459.

We are a fun and friendly place, with room to spare!



It seems some of you gents may have been ‘misinformed’!

We have NOT been shut down, and never were!

Any questions or queries, please call Beth on 07522 852459 – it is only me who answers the phone, and I will be more than happy to clarify x