Thursday 30th June

So! I’m not even going to mention the weather…….

Cheer up a dreary day with one (or two!) of the ladies, all about, with the exception of Chloe today.




Wednesday 29th June

Phew! Looks like it’s going to be a scorcher! Come see one of our red hot ladies – the whole team are about at varying times, call for details


Ok, So I may have been a tad hasty with the weather forecast! Holly is around this evening to give you a good rub down!


Monday 27th June

No Paige today 😔  and Holly only about until lunchtime, but don’t worry the rest of the crew are about all day, don’t forget Zoe is back, and forms a mind blowing experience – especially when booked together with our gorgeous Cougar Cathy.

Change of plan, Holly is around this afternoon as well as Chloe