Friday 31st July

Full house today!  Amber, Cathy, Mia, and our 2 lovely new ladies, Stacey and Ruby xxx


Thursday 30th July


Aaa! Operation stack !!

We’re considering hiring a camper and going to see the poor drivers stuck in this stupid situation. It seems hardly anyone can get through to see us – where are all you local boys? We’re bored!

Keeping up appearances today, are Amber, Cathy, Mia and Ruby


Wednesday 29th July


The lovely  Ruby has joined our little gang again, she’s around until Friday ( including evenings) so be sure not to miss her while she’s here.

Cathy, Amber and Mia are also resident, just don’t mention Operation stack!


Saturday 25th July



So! Here’s hoping Operation Stack eases today!  Don’t they realise folk have got important things to do? Like coming to see us for example!

Our gorgeous resident Cougar Cathy is available today, apparantly naked hoovering! xxx